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Sun Ancon Chi MachineThe Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine
does 3 things in 5 minutes:

  • Increases oxygen,
  • Increases energy and
  • Increases circulation.

If you have problems with:

  • Lack of exercise and bad circulation

  • Tired and sore muscles

  • Poor digestion, constipation

  • Arthritis, back pain, bone spurs

  • Nervousness, general pain and insomnia

  • Poor functioning of internal organs

  • Asthma and tracheal inflammation

  • Period pains, anemia

  • Many chronic conditions

  • Being overweight

Then this is the device you want to use.


Chi Machine Benefits:

Metabolism- Stimulates metabolism.  Activates and speeds detoxification.  Disperses Lactic Acid.  Also facilitates normalization of cells often causing loss of inches and weight.

The Lymphatic System- Your Lymphatic System is responsible for removing the waste from your tissues, filtering the lymph and depositing toxins and materials that escaped from the blood stream back into the blood.  It is an integral part of your immune system yet has no pump to move it.  The Chi Machine provides a powerful lymphatic massage which sets the lymph in motion.

Spinal Fluid- Your spine re-hydrates with motion, rocking the sacrum and activating the crainialsacral pump to the perfect 144 beats per minute.  Helps with spinal alignment, poor posture correction and relief from back pain.

Autonomic Nervous System- The neuro-pathway message center is assisted.

Digestive System- Strengthens and improves stomach functions. Relaxes and allows digestive juice to flow more freely. Regulated the appetite and associated disorders.

Organs- Regulates, stimulates and exercises internal organs - kidneys, gall bladder, intestines, etc.  The massaging movement tones organs and releases the toxins around them.

Oxygenation- Increases blood oxygen levels dramatically.  When the lungs are massaged and relaxed they absorb more oxygen through the alveoli.  The higher blood volume flowing through the lungs absorbs more oxygen which is absorbed into the bloodstream.

Brain Waves- Excellent for relaxation and de-stress as it changes Beta brainwaves to relaxed alpha.  We interact consciously in the beta level, with a few minutes on the Chi Machine our brain relaxes to the alpha level and sometimes to the theta level which also helps you to have a more restful sleep.

Circulatory System- Motion increases blood circulation, blood cell production and bone marrow activity.  Increases personal chi life force energy flow (the rush and awesome tingling sensation you can feel when the machine stops).

The Electrical System- allows the bodyís 32 figure 8ís electrical field to be put in motion which assists brain integration aiding the thought process.

The Muscular System- the stretch and relax movement of the Chi Machine works the muscle, tendons and ligaments promoting a limber back, shoulders, legs, arms, etc.


Simple, Portable, Comfortable, Convenient and Easy To Use, Anywhere, Anytime.

Lie on the floor, place your ankles on the foot rest, relax and set the timer. Once the swaying motion of the Chi Machine stops, you will experience a tingling rush of "Chi"  (pronounced 'chee'), that sweeps from your toes to your head and then slowly fade away, leaving a deep feeling of relaxation, calm and inner peace. This is what Chinese herbal doctors call the "oxygen blood circulation". In fact, the Chi is sending messages throughout the internal body. Those who practice 'Chi Gong', and martial arts are already aware of this phenomenon which is our natural life force energy, present within every living thing.


The Mid Position: Hands clasped behind head.
This position exaggerates the curves of your spine and will impart a stronger motion to your spinal column.

Beginners may use the machine for 4-6 minutes, once or twice daily. Advanced users may set timer for 15-20 minutes maximum. Frail, sick and toxic bodies must begin at 1-3 minutes and progress slowly until the body becomes adjusted. This machine is subtle, gentle and relaxing, yet creates powerful and steady, natural healing.


Q & A

Can I lie on the floor in my own home or office and use It?
Of course you can! All it takes is at least 4-6 minutes once or twice daily, slowly working up to 15-20 minutes maximum per session.

Do I have to remove my clothes?
Absolutely not. All you have to remove are your shoes. No 'aerobic exercise' clothing is needed.

Is the Sun Ancon Chi Machine safe for children and the elderly?
Absolutely. From 4yrs to 100yrs. If bedridden, the Chi Machine can be set up on a firm bed mattress. The Chi Machine MUST be used lying flat, and NOT in a recliner. Length of session for seniors should begin at just 1-2 minutes and progress slowly. Children only need 5-10 minutes.

Any risk of injury?
None. Because you are lying down flat there is no pressure or stress to your heart, spine, lungs or joints.

Chi Machine - The Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine 


The Doctors TV Show Featuring the Chi Machine 




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